Getting Into the Swing of Things

As the semester rolls on, we have moved from adoring the pictures of the pitbulls up for adoption on our partner’s website to really thinking of ways we can help them. We are so fortunate to work with Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue, an organization who truly understands the impact social media has on companies who thrive in the community’s constant attention. So how can a team of college students help an organization that already has well over 10,000 followers on their Facebook that is updated daily, and what can we learn from them? FURst of all, we’ve learned that a good dog pun (or a bad one) is always appreciated. Second, we have learned that there will always be dogs looking for homes, and a great way to get in touch with the community is multiple successful social networking websites. We’ve begun to use our Twitter (@GoodKarma500) to connect Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue with the public in a new venue, and of course we’re working on growing this blog to get in touch with fellow dog lovers and potential adopting families.

From a marketing perspective, the only way to really get to know your client is to immerse yourself in their work to get to know their goals. An upcoming event is our first opportunity to do this. On March 24th, the organization is hosting this awesome event at the Orange Ale House as way to raise money and connect animal lovers in a fun environment. Our team is going to send some representatives to the event with the intention of getting to know the owner, Racquel, and to find out the average turnout of their fundraising events. By knowing their average attendance, we can have specific numbers to set as our goals for improvement. (On a related note, dear reader, clear up your calendar for March 24, because you really want to go to this great event! For a $20 donation upon entry, you get dinner and a drink, plus a show with seven rockin’ local bands–AND it all goes to fund support for animals rescued from Bridgeport Animal Control.)


Lastly, this is Tristan, and if you’re a classic literature reader you know he’s looking for love. For more information adopting him or other Pitbulls in the New Haven, Connecticut area, head over to Angel Capone Pitbull Rescue’s Facebook ortheir website to see the available dogs and puppies up for adoption!



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